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Birthdate:Mar 17
Location:St Petersburg, Санкт-Петербург, Russian Federation
I'm Athena (or Anna, if you prefer real names), I'm almost 26, I live in St Petersburg, Northwestern Russia. I work as a linguist and self-employed translator, and I write about my work from time to time.

I speak Russian and English, and I also know a little Finnish and Spanish. I'm always more than glad to practice my Spanish and Finnish, but, as the majority of my friends here are English speakers, I'd appreciate comments in English, so no one feels excluded from the conversation.

(Note: as English isn't my native language, I may make mistakes occasionally; please, feel free to correct me!)

By the choice of love, I'm a Roman Catholic. Faith manages :)

I'm a Star Wars Original (Unaltered - Han shot first!) Trilogy fan, and John Williams practically composed the soundtrack of my life. Whereas the OT is my absolutely favourite space movie, my favourite space TV series is Babylon 5.

I'm always delighted to meet new friends, so, if you feel like adding me - go ahead!:) Leaving me a comment or dropping a line would be great, too - I'd like to know just who I'm adding back :)

About my username: kawehilani is a Hawaiian word meaning "the morning mist from heaven".

My favourite Dreamwidth community:

[community profile] iam the Princess Leia Organa of Dreamwidth!


Interests (109):

anakin skywalker, babylon 5, battlestar galactica (1978), biking, books, british tv shows, captain jean-luc picard, carmenere, carrie fisher, catholicism, celine dion, chocolate, christian kane, christianity, coffee, crochet, cross stitching, dancing, darth vader, david prowse, deep space, diefenbaker, downton abbey, due north, due south, earthsea, eliot spencer, england, english, español, faith manages, finnish, flashpoint, foyle's war, gone with the wind, han shot first, han solo, hans zimmer, harry potter, hiking, historical dresses, history, horatio hornblower, ian mcdiarmid, indiana jones, jane austen, john williams, kate winslet, keanu reeves, keeley hawes, knitting, kronstadt, lando calrissian, languages, law and order, law and order uk, leningrad, leverage, londo mollari, luke skywalker, maritime history, mark hamill, matthew macfadyen, murmansk, naval history, north & south, numb3rs, obi-wan kenobi, once upon a time, ordo praedicatorum, orlando bloom, patrick o'brien, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, poirot, princess leia organa, proper english, rafael sabatini, ravenclaw, richard armitage, richard iii, royal pains, sewing, shakespeare, simon's cat, skating, southland, spain, spanish, spooks, st anne line, st dominic, st petersburg, star trek, star trek tng, star wars, star wars original trilogy, stargate universe, stephen franklin, stephen maturin, submarines, susan ivanova, tea, temperance daesee brennan, the finder, the lord of the rings, white collar, william shakespeare, world war ii
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