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Spent almost the whole day sleeping, fighting a headache, and catching up on TV shows.

White Collar was truly awesome this week - oh, did I miss them! I liked the new episode immensely, even tweeted one of Mozzie's lines: Survival is overrated, and I find myself reminded that an unshared life is not living. I TOTALLY love them all. (BTW, White Collar was the first TV show I started watching on a regular basis - prior to that, I only watched several episodes of Poirot and two or three already finished/cancelled shows.

I also like Once Upon a Time more and more with each new episode. The last few minutes of the most recent episode, True North, made me cry. I wish there was more Rumperlstiltskin/Mr Gold in each episode - Robert Carlyle was practically the only reason I started watching this show, as I liked him very much in Stargate Universe (even though I didn't like his character at all :)).

And if I haven't been watching Southland already, I'd definitely start watching it now, as Lou Diamond Phillips joined the cast for season 4 - I liked him on Numb3rs and the abovementioned Stargate Universe, and jumped with joy when I learned that he'd appear on Southland.

And I'm still listening to John Williams' score for Star Wars. Since I disliked the prequel trilogy completely and watched it for the second and last time in April 2007 (isn't Livejournal great? Of course, I know the exact month and year only because I recorded it there!), I only listened to the music from the movies once or twice, and it was quite some time ago, too, so I've completely forgotten just how awesome Duel of the Fates was. It's easily the best composition from the prequels - I almost wanted to re-watch them. But instead, I'm looking forward to watching A New Hope with a friend tomorrow evening :)
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